~|Our Wedding Survival Guide|~


~|Wedding Information|~

Forever Photography understands the importance of your wedding day.  We understand that each session leading up to your big day is just as important as the actual wedding itself.  That is why we take pride in the fact we treat each of our wedding sessions equally.  Forever Photography will never put a time restraint on any engagement or bridal session.  We feel that our work isn’t done until we have all the photographs we need to fulfill your order.  If doing so takes a full 8 hours to accomplish, then that’s what it takes.  We feel that these sessions are an opportunity for us as photographers to get to know our clients.  Since each client is different, tastes will vary as well.  By spending time together before a wedding, we can determine what type of shots you prefer, what side you consider to be more photogenic, or what type of poses you’ve been researching online that you would like to try.  When you hire us, not only do you get a great photographer, but you also gain a lifelong friend who truly cares about the vision you have for your wedding.  That being said, here are a few tips that can make your session go smoothly:


Choose your Photographer Early!

Make sure that you decide on a photographer early.  Choosing a photographer early really puts you ahead of the game.  Photographers are a great source of information simply because they have done this a time or two.  Advice runs rampant in us and if you are having difficulty on finding a rehearsal dinner location or solving a catering issue for example, they will be able to provide suggestions to you along the way.

Be sure to research our Wedding Packages as well as Wedding Al La Carte options.  These are important because this will determine how many pictures from each of your sessions you will be getting that are included in the package.  Many photographers offer print credits to their clients, but then require you to buy any extra prints you may want.  It is important you get as many pictures out of a package as you can as it will save you money in the long run.


~|Bridal and Engagement Shoots|~

Location – Think about your location, it is nice to go somewhere that is meaningful to you as a couple.  However, it also needs to have a variety of backdrops to make things more exciting and to give you a variety of truly amazing images.

Activities are great in engagement and bridal shoots.  They give you something fun and natural to do while making the shoot more personal and engaging.

Clothing – Wear Complimentary colors and weather appropriate outfits.  Make sure that you try to refrain from wearing any logos.  Logos are trendy, and they may tend to date your photos quickly.

Props – Though we do have an arsenal of our own props, we would like to see you brings something that is important to you as well.  Bring along a few props that go with your shoot location or you just consider meaningful to you. The more personal you make this Photoshoot, the more memorable it will be!

Hobbies and Pets!!  We here at Forever Photography absolutely LOVE pets in pictures.  Yes, we know how hard they are to work with, and yes, we don’t care!  Pets are an outstanding way to create a meaningful photo that you will cherish for many years to come, and we feel that with a little extra work, we can get that perfect shot you are looking for.


~|Wedding Day|~

So, the wedding day has finally arrived.  The stress is at an all-time high and there seems to be so much to do in such little time doesn’t it?  Well, rest easy in knowing that you won’t have to worry about your photographer.  From hair appointment to clean up, we will be there.  Our day starts when yours does.  You tell us a time and a place to be, and we will be there to photograph the day’s events.  Hair appointment off location?  No problem.  We go where you go.  We will photograph every aspect of your wedding possible.  But, what are some tips for you to help make sure the wedding day goes smoothly?  Well, read our helpful tips below to find out!


Have your Shots Pre-Arranged

Forever Photography has a form that you will receive with your contract.  This form will have you list every combination of picture you want for the wedding day.  For example, you want a picture with the Bride and the Grooms Family?  There is a check mark for that.  Want a picture with the entire extended family?  Check mark for that as well.  This allows us to move quickly after your wedding so that you may get to your guests at the reception as quickly as possible.

Plan for a Bridal Party Shoot

The best part of photographing a wedding is the opportunity to let the bridal party express themselves.  We like goofy, smug, and meaningful shots of the bridal party.  We prefer to shoot these shots outdoors after the wedding so that the two sides can interact with each other.  However, indoor or outdoor is up to you.  This is the time to get the shots you’ve been researching online.  Pinterest has many examples of fun shots that you can research my doing a simple Google Search for Bridal Party Pictures Pinterest.  An example of one of our favorite shots can be found here.

Have Your Wedding Reception Ready

Make sure your reception is setup before the wedding.  We like to take time to photograph the reception before the guests arrive so that we may focus on the thought and details you put into planning your wedding reception.  This means that the cake needs to be there early.  The tables should be set.  The catering dishes should be placed.  And so on.  Though it is not a critical aspect of your wedding day, it is always nice to have these types of pictures before the party starts!

Have A Rehearsal

It is important for us to get to the wedding location for the big day so that we may get an idea of the settings for our equipment.  Lighting, weather, and time of day all play a role in the settings we will be using for our gear.  By spending some time on location early, we can better prepare ourselves for the actual wedding day.

Have Fun

Remember, this is your Wedding Day.  No matter what happens, it will be a day you remember for the rest of your lives.  Enjoy it.  Rest easy in knowing you have a photographer that understands this and will go over and beyond to make sure that our service is one thing you will not have to worry about on your Wedding Day.