First off, Congratulations on your Senior Year!  You should be proud of your accomplishment.  You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to take some time for yourself and capture the moment.  At Forever Photography and Videography, we take pride in our

Senior Pictures.  You will find that our pricing is very reasonable!  We understand, there will be plenty of other expenses after your graduation!  Whether you have booked your session already or are just browsing around, I really hope you find the information below useful!


Before your shoot

  • We will decide on a location together.  Do you prefer nature or are you more of a city chic kind of person?  A mixture of both maybe?  Whatever your preference, the perfect location is out there.  Together, we will find it!
  • Start brainstorming outfit ideas.  I personal suggest bringing at least 2 to 3 changes of clothing if not more!  I love the layered look on my guys, flowing dresses on my gals, and tons of color.  The more color, the more the picture will pop!  Get online, Google senior picture ideas and come up with an outfit that fits YOUR personality!  Girls, gawdy and oversized jewelry is welcome!
  • I highly suggest getting your makeup and hair professionally done. It truly does make a difference!
  • Gals, you’ll love this one!  Treat yourself to a mani & pedi!  My camera lens and I will see everything.  I can fix blemishes that decide to sprout the night before, and I can even retouch your skin to glow in the pictures, however, nails are one of those things I will leave to you. Plus it’s an excuse to get pampered!
  • Like Forever Photography and Videography on Facebook & Follow me on Instagram & Twitter! Plus that’s where all the behind the scene action and sneak peeks go first! If you post a pic please be sure to tag us.


During your shoot

  • Be sure to RELAX.  Our pictures are going to come out great.  The biggest problem I run into when photographing seniors is a certain level of shyness.  I’m here to tell you.  I’m not one of those boring adults that you can’t truly speak what you’re thinking around!  I’m a kid at heart and we are going to have fun!  I will give you tons of ideas and directions throughout your session to help you feel at ease.  To me, the best photos I get of you are going to be the candid photos.  The reason for this is because when you’re not expecting it, you’re relaxed!  So expect to hear a lot of “Clicks” behind you when you aren’t ready for it! 
  • Bring Mom or Dad.  Believe it or not, this is also a special, scary, sad, and exciting time of their life as well.  They are also extremely helpful in outfit changes and makeup touchups!
  • Laugh!  Laughter equals Happiness.  Happiness equals Beauty.
  • Gals, be sure to bring your make up with you.  Especially lip gloss! All that laughing will probably wear it off.
  • Bring comfortable shoes, flip flops, or flats.  Heels are nice, but you’ll regret it if we have to walk across a field to the next shot!  Sure, I can try to carry you, but I’m a tiny girl, I’m not sure we’d get very far! 
  • Be prepared to change in your car. Most of our shoots take place at a park or other outdoor places where dressing rooms aren’t available.  We do have a soft tarp to throw over your car to provide you an extra level of privacy when changing.


After your shoot

  • Be patient.  Forever Photography and Videography takes pride in our edits.  We want to make sure that every shot we provide is perfect in every way.  However, as a bonus, I WILL send you a Sneak Peek! I promise you, I am just as excited about your images as you are so I always send either a same day or next day sneak peek of an image that caught my eye!  This should tide you over during the process of editing your shots.
  • Your viewing & proofing gallery will be ready to view no later than 2 weeks following your session. We will pick a time to meet, and I will walk you through all the collections and a la carte options to find out what will best suit your needs.
  • Once you make your selections I will then do a full edit on your final images. I only release fully edited images. These images have been retouched, prepped, primped and ready for the world to see. After all that is what brought you to my images in the first place.
  • Once your order has been placed, your beautiful package will arrive within 3-4 weeks!
  • I truly hope you love your photos! Nothing makes me happier than hearing about your experience. If you have a few moments to share then please leave a Google review, Facebook recommendation or feel free to Sign our Guestbook!